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Hebrew High Classes

Our educational team at Beth El Synagogue continues to have an impactful and meaningful program that brings our 8th-12th grade students together to continue their Jewish education. We envision an experiential program that combines formal and informal learning, which fulfills the Talmudic saying:

Gadol, she'haTalmud mayvee leeday ma'aseh  
תלמוד   .מעשה לידי מביא שהתלמוד גדול
"Learning is great for it leads to action."

Together we will think deeply about such important topics as our responsibility to support Israel, the meaning of Jewish community, and our commitment to social justice. We won't just talk about these themes, and others, we will also take our learning outside the walls of our synagogues and the confines of our Omaha community, so that our students can be enriched by making a positive impact in our world.

Spring Semester
January - May, 2022

Grades 8-10

"I Am Jewish History"
Taught by Jamie Skog-Burke

Jamie will be teaching via text and discussion about people who have made a big difference in Jewish history, both modern and ancient - Rashi, Maimonides, Yehudah HaLEvi, Emma Goldman, Herzl,  Hannah Senesh and Ruth Bader Ginsburg.  Our students will be responsible for their own presentation of their favorite Jewish hero and to see how they too are part of the chosen people.

"Jewish Art - A look into the Jewish World"
Taught by Daniel Christensen

Mr. Daniel Christensen is back this semester to connect our kids with some hands-on learning through art. This class will focus on children's art from the Shoa. Students will create a personal story, and make artwork using materials as was used in the camps to tell their "story". Charcoal (commercial as well as charcoal I have made myself from wood) on a variety of found paper and paper scraps, culminating in the students mounting their own exhibition of their finished work.

"Hot Topics"
Taught by Rabbi Steven Abraham & Glen Fineman

Rabbi Abraham and Glen Fineman will engage our students in hot topics relevant to today’s Jewish teens. Through discussion, text and current events, our students will bring what’s Jewish into their everyday lives.

Grades 11-12

"Gap Year Programs"
Taught by Community Shliach Sivan Cohen

On the heels of our canceled teen Israel trip our shalicha, Sivan, will be updating us on the various opportunities for gap year programming in Israel.

"How to be Jewish When I Leave Beth El - College Bound"
Taught by Laurel Krausman

It’s easy here in Omaha living in your parent’s house but what happens in college?  Laurel Krausman will let you know about the many options available in college to be Jewish, to pick a college where Jewish is important, how to navigate negative Jewish/Israel rhetoric, and how to stay active in your next Jewish community.

"Chai Mitzvah – Aseret"
Taught by Aliyah Lasky

A new twist on the 10 Commandments led by Aliyah Lasky. Explore how each commandment provides us with beliefs, principles, and standards of behavior which can guide and challenge our identity and behavior.

"Financial Fitness for Teens, through a Jewish Lens"
Taught by Debbie Denenberg

Money management for Jewish teenagers? Navigating the world of independence requires basic skills and knowledge. What’s a mortgage, health insurance, utilities? What should I save, spend, invest, give? And what can we learn from our tradition? Debbie Denenberg engages teens with open discussion, activities, and text.

Whole School Programming

  • March 16 - Erev Purim & Megillah reading
  • April 13 - Chocolate Seder
  • April 20  - Pesach Break
  • April 27 - Yom HaShoah
  • May 4 - Yom Ha'Atzmaut
  • May 18 - Lag B'Omer

Shamayim - March 23, 30 & May 11
We are fortunate enough to have received a grant from Shamayim, the Jewish Animal Advocacy that is a nonprofit organization that offers programs, campaigns, and educational opportunities to teach the Jewish community about animal advocacy and veganism through a Jewish lens. We will have several cooking lessons and discussions about plant-based diets, kashrut and ethical choices in our eating habits.






Sat, May 21 2022 20 Iyyar 5782