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High School Covid Policies

This document is a living document, to be updated on at least a monthly basis, beginning July
2020, until the end of the pandemic has been determined by public health officials. This
document may also be updated in light of triggering events, such as updates by federal, state
or local public health experts.

These guidelines are based on the premise of keeping the community spread of COVID-19 under
control. Programming decisions are based on the conditions we believe to be in the best interest
of the health of our community. Beth El cannot make assurances about Covid-19. All persons
who enter onto Beth El’s premises do so voluntarily and at their own risk. Families can and
should make their own determination to send their children to in-person sessions or participate in
alternative learning when available.

Here are the rules for our 2020 Hebrew High classes this fall:
Classes will be held outside behind the building, in person, weather permitting, through October 15.
After October 14, we will go to online classes. We know that you have all been over-zoomed and want to be together but we will have to do it according to the strict guidelines that follow:
•    You must wear a mask to class.
•    We will set up our space with social and physical distancing following CDC guidelines – 6 feet apart
•    Your temperature will be checked before class.  If you have a fever or don’t feel good – please don’t come to school. If you have a fever, you will be asked to go home.
•    Once you have received a seat assignment, you will be allowed to remove the mask.  
•    There will be no dinners served only prepackaged snacks for you to eat.  If you want to bring your own drink, in your own vessel, please feel free to do so.
•    Upon finishing our classes, you will be dismissed keeping physical distancing as our priority.
• If a parent needs to reach Eadie Tsabari during Hebrew High, she can be reached on her cell phone at 402-612-4834. We will not have staff monitoring the office.
• In case of inclement weather parents will be informed in advance via email & Text and online classes will held in place of in-person.

It is imperative that everybody follows the rules. If I see that these rules are not followed, you will be asked to leave and not be able to come back to class until we are online. This is not a game or a joke.  I promise you it’s a one and done situation.  I will not risk the health of my teachers or the other students because someone can’t follow the rules. 

Sun, March 7 2021 23 Adar 5781