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Wednesdays, 7:00-8:00 p.m. beginning October 6
Taught by: Rabbi Steven Abraham, Cantor Joanna Alexander, Rabbi Deana Berezin, Rabbi Yoni Dreyer, Rabbi Ari Dembitzer, Rabbi Duni Blotner, Rabbi Mendel Katzman, Hazzan Michael Krausman and Rabbi Brian Stoller

Omaha is blessed with a Jewish community whose members have deep affection for each other and for their spiritual leaders, regardless of which congregation you happen to belong to.  Embracing our desire to be together and learn together, this exciting BeitMidrash (house of study) gives all of Jewish Omaha the opportunity to engage in spirited and challenging cross-denominational study with our local rabbis and cantors. Sponsored by the Jewish Federation of Omaha, the Beit Midrash brings us together to strengthen one another.

Classes will be held in person at the JCC and via Zoom.

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  • American Loyalty to Israel vs Progressive Values
  • Be Fruitful & Multiply; But What if We Can’t?
  • Same Prayer - Different Tune
  • Greatest Hits of Pirkei Avot
  • Halakhah: Religious Observances & Daily Life
  • Anti-Semitism: Historically & Today
  • Holiday Observances Across Denominations

October 6 & 13 Panel Discussion
Jewish Americans in 2020 - Unpacking the Pew Study Data

We’re kicking off this year of learning with back-to-back panels featuring community clergy members on the topic of Jewish Americans in 2020 - unpacking the Pew Study data.
Discover more about what it means to be Jewish in America in 2020 and the results of the Pew Study HERE and learn about the 10 Key findings from the report HERE.
Want to know how you compare to other Jewish Americans on specific topics? Take the quiz.
For more information, contact Mark Kirchoff.
Sat, December 4 2021 30 Kislev 5782