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To enable our young people to go to Jewish camps or trips to Israel, Beth El has established the Service Grant Program. Any student may receive a grant to attend an approved program and "repay" the grant with service to Beth El during the following school year. Applicants for Israel programs need to provide service in both the years before and after the service grant award.

We hope to teach young people the importance of community service through the Service Grant Program while encouraging participation in Jewish summer experiences. When our young people take part in such programs, both the children and Beth El benefit from the experience. We also encourage your child's participation in these programs because a Jewish summer experience is the perfect complement to formal Jewish education.

Beth El Service Grants are provided through the generosity of the Seth Rich Memorial Camp Scholarship Fund.

Service Grant Application - Due March 31, 2024
Supplementary Aid Application - Due March 31, 2024

Service Requirement
Approved Programs
Additional Notes

Service Grant Eligibility
Any student whose family is a primary member of Beth El in good financial standing may apply.

To be considered for a service grant, the applicant must continue Jewish education as a full time student at Beth El Synagogue Talmud Torah, Beth El Synagogue Hebrew High School, Friedel Jewish Academy or an approved alternative.

Other criteria required for award of a service grant:
1. Service to the Synagogue. Click here for details.
3. Attendance at religious school.
2. Attendance at services at Beth El a minimum of ten times on Shabbat (evening or morning or Junior Congregation services) per year
3. Active involvement in youth groups at Beth El Synagogue (grades 3 - 12)
4. Students in grades 8 and higher have the additional requirement of delivering at least one Torah or Haftarah reading per year or leading part of the main service.
5. Participation in the annual Cantor’s concert Sunday, May 21.  This fundraiser is the largest source of scholarship money for camp scholarships.  

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2024 Service Grant Application - Due March 31, 2024
Completed Service Grant and scholarship applications for summer programs must be submitted no later than Sunday, March 31st! Applications received after the deadline will not be considered.  Other program deadlines will be set and publicized by the Director of Congregational Learning.

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Supplementary Aid Application - Due March 31, 2024
In certain cases, even with all available resources and Service Grants, additional funds may be necessary for a child to participate in a Jewish summer experience. To qualify for supplemental aid at Beth El Synagogue, all families must FIRST submit a scholarship application to the Jewish Federation of Omaha, which is due March 4, 2024.  Any questions on scholarship and grant opportunities should be directed to Diane Walker at or (402) 334-6551.  Also, the Supplementary Aid Application must be completed along with the Service Grant Application.  Supplementary aid from Beth El Synagogue will only be considered after receiving notification of scholarship grants from the Jewish Federation of Omaha.  To apply, the parent must complete the Supplementary Aid Application together with the Service Grant application. The Jewish Experience Grant does not equate or negate a request for supplemental aid from The Federation; families should request a realistic sum from Federation. Passport to Israel does not disqualify an applicant from Supplemental Aid.

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How Do I Fulfill The Service To Synagogue Requirement

For students entering grades 8-12
Every $150 received in service grant funds will require one hour of service.

- Assisting with Beth El's Junior Congregation program (applicable for grades 8-12)
Beth El's ideal choice for youth service is to help tutor with  Beth El's Junior Congregation. However, since that might not be possible or appropriate for everyone, other activities which meet our eligibility requirements include:
 -  Volunteer participation and/or assistance in synagogue or BESTT special events as needed (applicable for all grades, arrangements must be made with Mark Kelln).
 -  Be a Madrich/Madricha (teacher assistant) on Sundays at BESTT

For students entering grades 7 and below
Every $250 received in service grant funds will require one hour of service.
-  Mark Kelln, Education Director, will send emails out at various times calling for volunteers for a variety of projects that will benefit the synagogue and BESTT.

All projects to fulfill Service Grant requirements must be discussed with and approved by Mark Kelln.

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Approved Programs
Approval of programs and levels of funding are based on consistency with the philosophy of the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism and Beth El Synagogue. Approved programs must observe Kashrut, provide daily services, a daily program of Jewish education and Shabbat observance. A higher allocation of funds will be given to those programs affiliated with the Conservative Movement.

The following programs have been approved by the Beth El Scholarship Committee for Service Grants and Supplementary Aid for the summer of 2024:

-  Camp Ramah & Ramah Israel Seminars
-  USY on Wheels &  USY Israel Pilgrimage
-  Alexander Muss High School
-  Camp Herzl
-  Camp Sabra
- Camp Negeela

Families are encouraged to apply to the Center for Jewish Life for funding for other Jewish summer programs.

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Additional Notes
-  Beth El provides a one time only Service Grant or Supplementary Aid per student for a trip to Israel.

-  For BESTT Merit Scholarship students (grades 9-12): volunteer work done for Beth El Service Grants may not be applied for credit for BESTT Merit Scholarship requirements.

-  If a child is sent home from a program for inappropriate behavior or conduct, it becomes the responsibility of the family to reimburse 100% of funds granted.

For additional information on the Service Grant Program, please contact Mark Kelln, Beth El Synagogue Education Director at, 402-492-8550.

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