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Kiddush Lunch, Baking & Catering

Beth El “E-Z” Kiddush
To help save your time and “schlepping”, Beth El will do your Kiddush lunch. We provide rental, setup and clean up, tablecloths for 25 tables and the menu below:

Tuna Fish, Egg Salad, Kugel, Choice of Fruit or Vegetables and Dip or Pasta Salad, Cream Cheese & Butter, Challah or Bread, Bagels, Root Beer Floats, Ice Tea & Coffee.

Contact Allison Newfeld for the current Facilities Rate Sheet. Prices are subject to change and will be guaranteed for 30 days prior to your simcha.

The only fees not included are other food or sweets, printed napkins, decorations, flowers, centerpieces, skirting, and servers. Check with Allison about server charges and charges for additional menu items.

Kiddush “A La Carte”
If you prefer, you may shop and order the food needed for your kiddush. All ingredients must be marked Kosher. If you have specific questions about the acceptability of any ingredient, please check with Allison Newfeld.

Consult the Facilities Rate Sheet for the current cost.

As the custom at Beth El is to include the congregation in all simcha celebrations, plan on food for an additional 50 people.

Baking in Beth El’s Kitchen
We are pleased to have congregants, their family and friends bake for their celebrations at Beth El. Bakers may provide their own ingredients or use Beth El’s “E-Z Bake”, for access to our pantry of stock items, adding only specialty ingredients.

Any outside ingredients must be approved by Allison Newfeld. All ingredients must be in their original containers, unopened and have kosher certification.

Baking times at Beth El are scheduled through Allison Newfeld at (402) 492-8550.

Beth El “E-Z” Bake
Beth El will provide freezer space for your baked goods. While we generally have a supply of storage boxes available, providing shoe boxes and similar boxes for such purposes would be helpful.

Beth El will provide the following baking supplies; consult the Facilities Rate Sheet for current cost information: Flour, white sugar, brown sugar, shortening, butter, eggs, peanut butter, cooking spray, salt, various spices, baking soda, baking powder, vanilla extract, chocolate chips, sprinkles, cocoa and boxed brownie mix. We also have plastic wrap, masking tape, foil for wrapping boxes of baked goods for the freezer.

Please provide a full list of ingredients 2 weeks prior to your baking date.

Prior to your baking dates, it is a good idea to meet with Allison Newfeld and stop by the kitchen to familiarize yourself with the process.

If you have any additional questions, please check with Allison.

Catering Information
The following caterers currently meet Beth El standards for catering:

Star Catering – 402-330-4272
Bagel Bin 402-334-2744

If you wish to work with another caterer, we will be happy to meet with them and review the requirements of our kitchen. The contract must be finalized 2 weeks before the event. The caterer will have to schedule a meeting with our Kitchen Manager no later than one month in advance of the event. Caterers are subject to the approval of our Executive Director, Allison Newfeld.

Contact Allison, (402)492-8550, if you have any questions concerning the use of synagogue facilities.

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