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B'nai Mitzvah Contact List

Beth El Contacts

- Torah and Haftorah Tutoring – Hazzan Krausman – 402-492-8550
- D’var Torah – Rabbi Abraham – 402-492-8550
- Eligibility/Requirements – Eadie Tsabari – 402-492-8550
- Facilities and Logistics – Allison Newfeld – 402-492-8550
- Baking Date Reservations/Kitchen Questions – Mike Newell – 402-492-8550
- Submit picture and family information – Robby Erlich  – 402-492-8550

Simcha Coordinators - this will by handled by Rabbi Abraham & Hazzan Krausman
The number of Aliyahs available may vary, so please contact Rabbi Abraham or Hazzan Krausman to discuss what is available for your B'nai Mitzvah date. Click here to see a sample Simcha planning worksheet.

During the Torah service we have two Gabbaim at the sides of the Torah reading table, whose function it is to help coordinate what’s happening during the Torah reading and to assist the Torah readers when necessary. Please choose one person from each of the following groups:

Group A (Choose 1)
- Michael Gerson
- Laurel Krausman
- Gary Nachman
- Ben Shapiro
- Marty Shukert
- Alan Shulewitz

Group B (Choose 1)
- Howard Epstein
- Dick Fellman
- Pam Friedlander
- Jay Gordman
- Heather Kelln
- David Kotok
- Georgianne Oman
- Jim Zipursky

Bimah Sitters
The person who sits on the bimah during b’nai mitzvah services may be any past president or current member of Beth El’s Board of Trustees. Please share your choice with your Simcha Coordinator.

Jewish Press Announcements
Announcements should be submitted at least two weeks in advance by fax at 402-334-5422, email at, or mail to The Jewish Press, 333 South 132nd Street, Omaha, NE 68154.

Catering Contacts

The following caterers currently meet Beth El standards for catering:

- Star Catering    402-330-4272
- Bagel Bin             402-334-2744

If you wish to work with another caterer, we will be happy to meet with them and review the requirements of our kitchen.  The contract must be finalized 2 weeks before the event.  The caterer will have to schedule a meeting with our Executive Director no later than one month in advance of the event.   Caterers are subject to the approval of our Executive Director, Allison Newfeld. Contact Allison if you have any questions concerning the use of synagogue facilities.

Sat, December 4 2021 30 Kislev 5782