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Interfaith Families

Our Pledge to Interfaith Families
We know that in our day and age many Jews belong to an interfaith family. You may have a spouse, parent, child, grandchild, or other relative who isn’t Jewish. Our goal at Beth El Synagogue is to embrace all the members of our congregational family, whether Jews by birth, by choice, or born of another faith tradition. We are blessed by a growing number of interfaith families, and are thankful that they and their children have chosen to make Beth El Synagogue their spiritual home.

We recognize that interfaith families may approach a Conservative synagogue with some trepidation, unsure whether or not their participation will be encouraged, whether or not they will feel like they really belong. We offer the same answer to all our members, in-married or intermarried, single or divorced, straight or gay: the more you participate, the more you will feel like you belong; the more you come, the more you will find fellowship with a diverse group of people who are alike and different. Our goal isn’t to judge people for who they are, but to help them engage more meaningfully with our rich tradition.

At Beth El we avoid don’ts when it comes to interfaith families as much as possible and focus on do’s.

  • Do join us for services and programs.
  • Do celebrate the rhythm of sacred time with our community.
  • Do give your kids a strong Jewish education.
  • Do get involved as a family as volunteers and participants in a variety of activities.
  • Do know that our clergy are here to support and connect with all your family members.

If you have specific outreach questions or would just like to explore the ways in which Beth El Synagogue can be a part of your spiritual journey, please e-mail Rabbi Abraham at

Tue, July 16 2024 10 Tammuz 5784