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Little Free Pantry

What started as a brainchild of Linda Saltzman to help those in need, A Little Free Pantry is Beth El’s newest social action initiative. Little Free Pantries are popping up all over the country with a simple mission - give what you can, take what you need. Thanks to Linda & Kevin Saltzman’s generous donation and a grant received from the Milton S. & Corinne N. Livingston Foundation Fund, Beth El’s Little Free Pantry was built last month. Even before announcing its installation, we quickly began receiving donations to fill our pantry, and people have been stopping by to take home items they need.

How can we ensure success for Beth El’s Little Free Pantry? In order to keep our pantry filled, we are seeking volunteers to take care of our pantry in weekly shifts. During each shift, volunteers are asked to do the following:

  • Stop by the pantry at least once a day.
  • On the first day, make a note of the products in the pantry. We recommend taking a photo as a reminder. This will help you keep track of what has been donated anonymously as well as what is needed.
  • Purchase approximately $25 worth of nonperishable food/paper goods/toiletry items that are weather-appropriate (nothing that will freeze in the cold or go bad due to excessive heat.) Robby can provide a list of suggested items as needed.
  • Refill the pantry when necessary. If the community's needs are great, you may need to go to the store again.
  • Remove any items that were dropped off anonymously but are not nonperishable.
  • Straighten/tidy the pantry so it looks inviting.
  • Collect comment cards for Robby.
  • Report any problems with the condition of the pantry to Robby.
  • When the week is over, let Robby know how it went, including any observations, concerns, and/or ideas on how the project can be improved.
  • Encourage others to participate in this rewarding endeavor. The Little Free Pantry succeeds with the help of volunteers like you.

Click here to sign up for one or more weekly shift. If you have any questions about Beth El’s Little Free Pantry, contact Robby at

Fri, October 22 2021 16 Cheshvan 5782