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B'nai Mitzvah Eligibility

To be eligible for a Bar or Bat Mitzvah at Beth El Synagogue, a student must have been enrolled at BESTT from Grades 3-6 (and attending 2 days per week on a regular basis). Friedel Jewish Academy students are expected to attend BESTT. Kindergarten-Grade 2 should be here on Sunday mornings. Grades 3-7 should be here on Sundays and Wednesdays.

All students must be enrolled in BESTT for the year of their b’nai mitzvah, regardless of when the B’nai Mitzvah occurs.
If a student transfers from an equivalent school in another city or a different synagogue, the Education Director must evaluate a student entering the BESTT program after Grade 3 from another school in Hebrew reading skills.  If that new student’s Hebrew skills are not on a par with those of his/her classmates, a private Hebrew tutor must be secured at the parents’ expense plus regular attendance at BESTT classes is required 2 days per week.  If a Bar or Bat Mitzvah occurs during Grade 8, the student must be enrolled in the BESTT Grade 8 class.

Students who wish to lead parts of the Friday evening or Shabbat morning service are expected to attend one of the following programs on a regular basis prior to the Bar/Bat Mitzvah date in order to learn the needed prayers and davening skills:

A.    Shabbat–Friday night and/or Saturday morning services
B.    Junior Congregation – During your Bar/Bat Mitvah prep, Hazzan will work with your child on the torah service, etc. This learning can be furthered greatly by attending and participating in services and Junior Congregation.

Junior Congregation students will have opportunities to learn davening of Shabbat services through private tutoring sessions on Shabbat with our teen tutors.

The most natural way to learn prayer is to pray in the environment of the synagogue. In order to become comfortable with Beth El Synagogue melodies, regular, consistent attendance at Beth El Synagogue is necessary. To that end, the school committee has approved the institution of a Shabbat attendance policy.

  • Grades 3-4: A minimum of  8 Shabbat services per year
  • Grades 5-6: A minimum of 10 Shabbat services per year
  • Grade 7: A minimum of 12 Shabbat services per year

These requirements may be fulfilled as follows:

1. Attendance at a Beth El Synagogue Friday evening service
2. Attendance at a Beth El Synagogue Shabbat morning service
3. Attendance at a Beth El Synagogue Junior Congregation (recommended path for B’nai Mitzvah readiness)
4. Attendance at a Beth El Synagogue Saturday evening services (Mincha, Ma’ariv, Havdalah)
5. Attendance at a Shabbat morning service at another synagogue (credit limited to two per year)

Arrangements will be made on a case by case basis for students with special needs or conflicts due to geographical considerations.  The Rabbi and Hazzan will make the final determination to the extent of the child’s participation in the service.  A meeting for parents will be held two years in advance of a student’s upcoming Bar/Bat Mitzvah to discuss all details related to the B’nai Mitzvah training and synagogue policies.

When your child turns 11 years old, please contact Hazzan Krausman to schedule their B’nai Mitzvah date.

B’nai Mitzvah meeting for Grades 5-6
Sunday, November 13, 2022
12:15 pm

Mon, June 17 2024 11 Sivan 5784