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BESTT Guidelines

Regular BESTT attendance will be taken in our virtual classrooms.  Students who fall behind due to continual absences may register for one-on-one help on with Eileen Clignett, (see Eadie) at their own expense.

Parent Role
Parents play a major role in the Jewish education of their children.  It is their enthusiasm and commitment that reflects on their child's ability and willingness to learn.  We ask that you be supportive of BESTT and its learning process by prioritizing synagogue activities especially in the elementary years at BESTT.  The school's goal is to provide the children with the interest and motivation to keep the learning process going throughout their adult Jewish life as well as make life-long friendships with their classmates.  

Parent Teacher Communications
Open lines of communication will be maintained throughout the religious school.  Parents should feel free to contact their children’s teachers or Eadie to discuss any concerns about a child’s success in the religious school.  Teachers will keep parents informed about classroom activities and expectations through letters or email.  At any time, should a parent desire a conference with a teacher or the Director of Congregational Learning, please call the school office to arrange a convenient time.

Special Needs Instruction
In order to best serve your child’s educational, emotional and physical needs, the Director of Congregational Learning must be informed about any special needs your child may require.  Whether the need be physical such as in accommodating a broken arm or leg, dietary such as a food allergy, emotional, medical or educational, please provide as much information as possible about your child’s condition.  All information will be kept strictly confidential.  The parent of any student who has an IEP (Individual Educational Plan) from secular studies is requested to provide an updated copy of that IEP to the Director of Congregational Learning to be kept in the child’s records each year and each time the IEP is updated.  Any special educational accommodations noted in the secular report will also be implemented in the child’s religious school studies to better serve the child in our setting through a private meeting with a special needs coordinator and the child’s teachers.  Without an IEP, detailed instructions or a doctor’s note, it would be difficult for us to implement special methods or modifications for a student and a disservice to the student will result.  The IEP meeting will provide everyone concerned with the child’s Jewish education to provide unified services to each child requiring them.  Open communication between the home and our school best serves the needs of all students.  Be sure to supply this information on the BESTT registration form.  Students with documented special needs or those students who encounter difficulty learning Hebrew will receive additional tutoring during a pullout session with our special needs coordinator, Eileen Clignett at no additional cost.  

Special Hebrew Lessons
For those students who need a little extra help mastering their Hebrew reading and don’t have an IEP, our very own Eileen Clignett is available to help your students in private lessons.  We can help you arrange for lessons either during the school year or over the summer. This is very important if your student is struggling especially as a rising 6th and/or 7th grader. There is a subsidized fee associated with this extra instruction that you are responsible for. The 2020-2021 rate is $35/hour.  Please  contact Eadie if you think your student would like to participate.


Beth El Synagogue Service Grants
Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, your campers 2019-2020 service grant hours will roll over for the summer of 2021, Congratulations!  We will update our policy for next year as details become available.

Passport to Israel - Beth El Synagogue and the Jewish Federation of Omaha
Please don’t forget to make your contribution for 2021-2022
The Passport to Israel program is available from Beth El Synagogue for any full members holding a primary membership with Beth El Synagogue and the Jewish Federation of Omaha. We encourage EVERYONE to contribute to this savings plan.  By putting away a small amount every year, which is then matched by both Beth El Synagogue AND the Jewish Federation of Omaha at the time of an approved trip, you guarantee your child the opportunity to go to Israel. We encourage our students to go on USY Pilgrimage or any of a variety of Israel programs.  It is an experience of a lifetime and we hope you won’t miss out on this opportunity.

Passport to Israel is open to Omaha Jewish youth for funding a future Israel peer program. Money deposited, which can begin as early as kindergarten, is matched by the Jewish Federation of Omaha and Beth El Synagogue to a maximum of $2,000 each. Matching funds are also available from Beth El Synagogue. Sign-up available year-round. This is a risk-free opportunity to grow $2,000 savings into $6,000!

Eligibility requirements for the grants include: (a) applicant must be a resident of the Omaha metropolitan area; (b) applicant, or the applicant’s family, is a donor in good standing to the Annual Campaign of the Jewish Federation of Omaha; (c) applicant agrees to provide - within one month of return from the program - an article and pictures of the experience for publication in the Jewish Press.

Jewish Experience Grant - The Jewish Federation of Omaha
Jewish Experience Grants is a program which provides a $2,000 non-need grant to families to encourage attendance at a Jewish summer residential camp. Program requirements include (a) the child’s attendance at religious school the year prior to and the year following the camp experience; (b) the family is a contributor in good standing to the Annual Campaign of the Jewish Federation of Omaha; (c) the program must be a summer residential Jewish camp recognized by the Jewish Federation of Omaha; and (d) the camp session is a minimum of two weeks.

Israel Experience Grants - The Jewish Federation of Omaha
2021-2022 The Israel Experience Grant is a one-time grant of $1,500 for students in grades 9-12 or young adults ages 18 to 25 for an approved Israel experience. An additional stipend of $1000 is provided for the bi-annual community teen trip to Israel.  The grant may also be used for domestic airfare for participants in any Birthright Israel trip.  

For additional supplemental aid, please contact Allison Newfeld, Executive Director

Friedel Jewish Academy Students & Graduates (Grades K-7)

We are so proud of our Friedel Jewish Academy Beth El Synagogue members!  We know that Friedel gives them the finest day school Jewish Education available in Omaha, Nebraska. Learning at Beth El Synagogue is an essential part of every child’s Jewish Education. The BESTT experience will compliment and build on the skills learned at Friedel.  They will learn to be community leaders, get to know their clergy members and feel at home in their synagogue.  It will assure your students that Jewish life doesn’t end at Friedel graduation but continues with Jewish learning, youth group activities and participation in synagogue life.

BESTT is very important for their Judaic knowledge, socialization and making sure that they are part of our synagogue community. This year we are implementing a new values curriculum that we know the Friedel students will enjoy. Last year we had nearly full participation by our Friedel students and it was a marvelous year. We want our Friedel students to take advantage of all the Beth El Synagogue Talmud Torah (BESTT) programs.  Friedel students have the following opportunities to study at Beth El:  
•    Sunday morning Kindergarten – Grade 2
•    BESTT classes on Wednesdays and Sundays Grades 3-7

To be eligible for a Bar or Bat Mitzvah at Beth El Synagogue, a student must have been enrolled at BESTT from Grades 3-6 (and attending 2 days per week on a regular basis). Friedel Jewish Academy students are expected to attend BESTT. Kindergarten-Grade 2 students should be here on Sunday mornings. Grades 3-7 should be here on Sundays and Wednesdays.

In addition, ALL STUDENTS must be enrolled in 7th grade, regardless of when the B’nai Mitzvah occurs.

“Tichon Transfer” (end of Grade 7)
Tichon Transfer (formally known as Graduation) is a stepping up from Beth El Talmud Torah to Hebrew High. It is a joyous occasion that marks the culmination of a child’s elementary Jewish education. 7th grade students join the 12th grade to lead portions of the Shabbat service on Friday, May 6, 2021.

Grade 8 will meet with Hebrew High!
Tichon is the Hebrew word for high school. Our rising 8th graders will transfer to be part of our Beth El Hebrew High next year, Wednesday nights from 7:00-8:00 pm. Please see the Hebrew High School section for more information.

Madrechim Program
For this school year, the Madrechim program will be open to those students who are participating in the Merit Scholarship Program at Beth El.  We will revisit once we can go back into the building fulltime.



Sat, May 21 2022 20 Iyyar 5782